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Wondershare Installed with Jaksta?

Is the Wondershare software installed when Jaksta Media Recorder is installed or updated as part of the install?  I'm trying to get Wondershare off my system and wanted to make sure that its not bundled/installed with Jaksta and reinstalled with Jaksta updates, etc.  Thanks.

Hi Robert,

It's a totally unaffiliated app, we did not make Wondershare.

You could look into something like App Cleaner:




Jaksta Support

Thanks, Ben,

I knew Wondershare was a different company, but I wasn't sure if your install bundled Wondershare with your Jaksta software (I have no idea how Wondershare wound up on my machine).  I deleted the Wondershare application and associated files with file deletions and registry key deletions, so it's gone now.  I'm happy to know that Jaksta installs and updates do not bundle in this product.  Now I can update Jaksta without that concern.  Thank you very much for your prompt and spot on reply.  Best regards.



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