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Jaksta Crashing Internet Browser

I recently updated to macOS Sierra -- Jaksta has stopped working since then. I reinstalled the application as previously recommended in another thread and still continue to have the same issue. As soon as I turn on the monitoring, I cannot load any websites and it times out. When I turn it off, everything seems to go back to normal. I am assuming it has to do with something being incompatible with the new OS. Is there a current update/fix being released for this issue?


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I have the same problem, but it occurred when I updated to El Capitan 10.11.6. I have reinstalled Jaksta Media Recorder, as suggested, but with no better result.  [By the way, putting Jaksta in Monitor mode also makes it impossible for me to sync files with Dropbox.]

A Log file is attached.

(5.22 MB)

Hi guys,

Sorry I somehow missed this thread! 

We now have a beta version which should work properly on macOS Sierra:


This should work in Safari and Chrome as well as Firefox. Let us know if there is still any trouble.



Jaksta Support

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