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jaksta music / video converter and macOS

Since updating to macOS Sierra, there are checkmarks on the icons for jaksta music converter and jaksta video converter in my applications folder.  When i try to run them it says that they cannot be used with this version of macOS.  Is there an update being worked on for the new OS?

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My problem is also that jaksta wont record anymore with macOS Sierra. When jaksta is turned on, than I can not starte internet sites. 

Hello to the right helpfull person

I have used Jaksta Media Recorder since 2013 and have been very pleased with this software, which has been running without problems.

I have now, yesterday Monday. 26, September, purchased and updated to version 1.5, but has problems with Jaksta Media Recorder Blocks my internet connection.

There pops up a window but a message of "I want to accept incoming Internet", which I then say gotta to say "yes" to. Where subsequently blocked for network connection, in step with the "Blue Button" is activated.

I'm running now macOS Sierra 10:12, on an iMac, mid 11 2 gb graphics cards, RAM 16, and 3.1 mhz processes.

I have checked my firewall, and everything looks normal.

So Why block Jaksta Media Recorder 1.5 (bundle $ 69) my internet connection and how do i / we corrected the error?

 I have created a log file, but do not know which address I should send it to?

It is perhaps not necessary, only I can get the answer to improvement here, in this forum.

Friendly greetings

Jan Christiansen


Tom, can you try downloading the latest version of Jaksta video converter from here:


Unfortunately Jaksta music converter does not work on Sierra.

Jaksta is also not working properly on Sierra at the moment, we're working hard on a fix for this. It should be available very soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will post an update here as soon as a fix is ready.



Jaksta Support

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