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JMR6 - Clear Library?

I can't see  how to clear the Library in JMR6 - I've tried googling to save bothering you but all results assume I want a crack for some software or other :-/  I know it must be there somewhere...


Follow these steps to remove items from Jaksta Media Recorder:

1. Hold down the Ctrl key and click each item you want to remove to select it, or use Cltrl-A to select all of them;

2. Once they are selected click the Main Menu icon;

3. Then click the Remove menu item. 

4. Confirm removal on the prompt dialog. 

Additionally you can also access the Remove menu item using the right mouse click context menu or by using the Cltrl-R shortcut keys.

Here is a picture that shows how to do this.

Additionally you can automatically have all items removed each time you exit Jaksta by following these steps:

1. Click the Settings Tab

2.  Click the Personalisation tab

3. Switch the "Clear list on exit" to on.

Here is a picture showing this:

Thank you.

I already have Jaksta6 set to clear items on exit, however Jaksta is virtually _always_ downloading so I cannot use that quick method.

With Jaksta5 only 2 clicks are required to clear completed items from the Library, thus cleaning up the interface so that one can see what's what.

I do hope that Jaksta developers will revisit the features dumped from version 5 which made it so much simpler and quicker to use.  (Not that I should ever use the term "simpler" in relation to Jaksta, I'm sure it's complex because it can do so much.) 

The icon view is very much missed, so much so that I only tried 6 again this time because I needed to download another cam and only had a weak netbook to spare for it, and I thought that I'd try it as it would only be downloading a single stream.

For my main downloads I'm using 5 still, but unfortunately it sometimes becomes unresponsive on Windows10 when it was fabulously reliable on 7.   It's the lesser of two evils, tho, as 6 is unusable due to the scrapping of the icon view, which apparently hardly anyone uses besides me :'(
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