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Jaksta Media Recorder 1.5 om macOS 10.12

Hello to the right helpfull person

I have used Jaksta Media Recorder since 2013 and have been very pleased with this software, which has been running without problems.

I have now, yesterday Monday. 26, September, purchased and updated to version 1.5, but has problems with Jaksta Media Recorder Blocks my internet connection.

There pops up a window but a message of "I want to accept incoming Internet", which I then say gotta to say "yes" to. Where subsequently blocked for network connection, in step with the "Blue Button" is activated.

I'm running now macOS Sierra 10:12, on an iMac, mid 11 2 gb graphics cards, RAM 16, and 3.1 mhz processes.

I have checked my firewall, and everything looks normal.

So Why block Jaksta Media Recorder 1.5 (bundle $ 69) my internet connection and how do i / we corrected the error?

 I have created a log file, but do not know which address I should send it to?

It is perhaps not necessary, only I can get the answer to improvement here, in this forum.

Friendly greetings

Jan Christiansen

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Hi Jan,

We now have a beta version which should work properly on macOS Sierra:


This should work in Safari and Chrome. Let us know if there is still any trouble.



Jaksta Support

Hi Jan,

Unfortunately Jaksta is also not working properly on Sierra at the moment, we're working hard on a fix for this. It should be available very soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will post an update here as soon as a fix is ready.



Jaksta Support

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