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I tried to download a game from ehftv.com, and it always stop downloading after 30 sec. (se my pict.). even that the stream i over an hour,

Seems to work here ok.  First 2 below are ads and then the main stream is recording.  This is of http://www.ehftv.com/int/video/2016-09-28-bm-benidorm-fc-barcelona-lassa-fullmatch

Note that recording is required, it cant be downloaded so you must keep the stream playing in your browser and auto mode on.  If you dont want to pick up other streams then click the green thumb to off.

If your still having issues then please provide the url and debug logs as per these instructions.


I have attached a log file.

It still stops.

No log file has been attached.

Sorry... Now it is.


Hi Jaksta.

Have you found out my problem, why my Jaksta stop?


The logs show the connection closing and then reopening again. Are you closing the stream in your browser?  The stream can only be recorded as it plays in your browser so you must keep it playing.

If something else (like your AV or internet dropping perhaps) is closing the stream, then you can use the DVR capture method.

Ill pass this to development to see if they can do something to keep stream recording if the stream is closed and reopened again.

Hi Jaksta.

Yes I close the browser after some minutes, when the recording has stop, and its not recording more.


You will need to use the DVR capture method as indicated in that case.

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