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Missing WHQL-Certificate

On Sun, 9 Oct at 8:11 PM , Exuma.ag <exuma.ag@bluewin.ch> wrote:

Dear Sirs,

Today we have ordered and installed your JAKSTA DE LUXE 6 (Suite).
But our Dirext-x analysis shows a problem with the jaksta_va.sys driver, because he has not the WHQL Qualitylogo from Microsoft.
Could you send us the WHQL-Qualitylogo to complete our installation in accordance with our W10pro?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and/or your comments with

Kind Regards,


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That driver is a virtual audio adapter and has not been through WHQL certification. 

None of the network drivers (winpcap nor jaksta network monitor) have been through WHQL certification either.

They are however installed and functioning correctly on 100's of 1000's of computers.

All are digitally signed by us, except for winpcap which is open source.


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