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no sound

i get no sound withe video.

please assist,


(5.94 MB)

hi ben,

thanks once again for your reply.  before i restarted my computer and then reinstalled jaksta deluxe with no improvement.  this time i shutdown my mac mini and unplugged the unit.  i waited a few minutes and then plugged it back in.  again i waited a minute or so and then restarted the unit.  now i have had success with screen recorder.  however, i still have intermittent problems with music inner and jaksta trying to record tracks.  they do not always transfer to iTunes.  

thanks again,



Hi John,

Glad to hear the screen recorder is now working okay.

Whenever you have issues with files not appearing in iTunes, it's best to check the original file - right click (or Control-click) on the file in the Jaksta list and select "Show in Finder" from the popup. You should see the file in Finder. Are you able to play the file (in iTunes or otherwise)? Are you able to drag it into iTunes manually? Does it appear?

Usually with this type of issue, the problem is that iTunes is refusing to accept it. It may be that it format is incompatible (a Jaksta conversion issue), or it may be that the whole file is corrupt (probably a site issue).



Jaksta Support

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