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Jaksta won't download after my computer ran out of memory

I was downloading some videos without realizing my MacBook pro ran out of memory. Everything downloading and that was previously dowloaded on Jaksta went blank in the application. I made room on my computer to free up space but now I cannot download anything on Jaksta anymore. The application remains blank but when I exit it says "You still have items in progress, are you sure you want to quit." I have restarted my computer and it still says the same thing even though I am not downloading anything. I uninstalled the program and installed your newest version for Sierra but it still says the same thing. How can I remove this problem?

Can anyone from Support help me with this? I uninstall and reinstall but I keep getting the same results. I'll try to download something and I get the little popup notification on the side of my computer saying it started downloading but no Que shows up on the application. Even when I am not downloading anything and I quit it says "You still have items in progress..." What do I do?

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the long delay!

Unfortunately it sounds like the Jaksta file database may have become corrupted. Close Jaksta if it's running. Then can you navigate into this folder:

(your home area)/Library/Application Support/Jaksta

The user Library folder will be hidden by default. To show the contents of it, click on the Go menu at the top of the screen and hold down the Alt key. Then select the Library item that appears. You should see a Finder window display the contents of the user Library folder. Then open Application Support and inside that open then Jaksta folder.

There should be a file named "AppDatabase.sqlite3" in here - can you delete it or move it out of that folder. There will be a couple of similarly named files - don't worry about them. Then start up Jaksta again. It should be blank but otherwise working.

Let us know how it goes. I should respond a bit more quickly!



Jaksta Support

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