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How to stop ffmpeg from being used/running? JMR

 Hey there.

I would really like to know how to stop ffmpeg from being used. Every now and then it causes JMR to crash. Thing is, I don't understand why JMR is starting/using ffmpeg at all.

Reason is, I do not use conversion ("no conversion setting" since "don't convert" can't be selected). I do not use "fix RTMP stream". I do not use "rebase timestamps". I do not use the video extractor engine. I set "preferred download format" to any. Basicly I just want to dl things like they are without having JMR doing anything with/to them besides pure downloading.

Still, especially when downloading .ts files, ffmpeg starts running as well. Why? What causes it to run. Why is it needed? And can I stop it?

Thanks in advance.

ffmpeg is used in the download of HLS protocol streams, which im assuming your downloading because of your reference to .ts files, which is the raw output format for HLS protocol streams.

You say it is crashing JMR?  Please provide further details, an example stream that causes the crash and debug logs if you can get them so we can rectify. 


I will provide a log as soon as it happens again but I would really like to know if there is a way around it? Can I change anything in the setting to make JMR not use ffmpeg? Even if that means the .ts files do not end being .ts files, I would be ok with that.


As I said ffmpeg is used in the download of HLS protocol streams, so it will run if JMR detects one of those streams to download.

Instead of downloading HLS streams you could use the DVR capture method to get the stream.

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