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cancelling stream recording not working on some cases


Dear support,

The case that brings me here is the fact that my Jaksta Media Recorder v1.5.1 (205) seems to be working faulty when I try to cancel some download streams and it doesn't do it, that is, the streams are not cancelled. I so at a certain point I need to bring Jaksta done for it to be reset on record count of media streams. Now I'm going to try with the two options of always record http and rtmp stream media. I suppose this should not happened like this, I after I push cancel button, the recording stream is in fact canceled.

Best regards,

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Hi Antonio,

Sorry for the long delay!

How frequently does this occur for you? Is there any action you can take which causes it reliably? This seems like a bug we would need to fix.

The next time it occurs, can you send us the log file as soon as possible afterwards? You can see the Find Log File button in your screenshot.



Jaksta Support

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