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livestream no longer working

Happened this morning.  Usually, I can load the software & record, but this morning, nothing.  I checked for updates on everything, but I'm up to date. 

Any changes happen?


Sorry for the long delay!

First try reinstalling Jaksta:


Is there one specific site that does not work, or does it not detect anything from any sites? Does YouTube work?

Can you check on different browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome? Do any of them work with Jaksta?

Can you try visiting a few sites and then send us the log file? You can find it by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button.



Jaksta Support

Tried re-install, upgrade to latest version (jaksta, os, flash player, etc). http tweaking, rtmp tweaking (old v4 thing).  three different web browsers, two different computers, two different ISP's.   two different sites (fox la, fox ny) both livestream sites.

No luck.  Used to pick right up, even if I went back on the timeline to earlier broadcast stuff.  Now, it barely recognizes anything (it will dvr the current live stream, but you can' record earlier in the timeline.

also, it does not record youtube (hasn't for years).

I will attach logs in a bit.

Logs attached.



Ahh I see you are using the Windows version. Are you able to post this request in the Windows forum:




Jaksta Support

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