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stopped working; also interferes internet connectivity

I purchased the suite.  The video downloader stopped working.  As I try to work with it I find that every time I do so it interferes with my ability to log onto most other websites.  Then I must restart my laptop in order to be able to once again log onto websites; however, the downloader does not work.  


Hi Jim,

What exactly do you see when you try to load websites? Are you able to send us a screenshot?

Is there a red "fail" icon or broken padlock symbol next to the URL at the top of the browser? If you click the icon,  it should display information about the failure - are you able to send us a screenshot of this?



Jaksta Support

Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for responding in a timely fashion...that's important to me...customer service...and I see it as a mark of the integrity of a company.  So again, thanks.

Good news!!  The issue is resolved.  The problem was that when I tried to use the video downloader it didn't work...everything froze/stopped.  And then it affected everything else on my mac when trying to connect to various websites!  But a re-boot of the mac re-enabled everything, except the video downloader.  The Music Miner, Screen Recorder, worked...until I tried using the video downloader...and everything got impacted.

However, as I prepared to respond to your e-mail, I got into the program and then noticed a notification of a newer version.  So I downloaded it and everything works perfectly now!!

I'm sorry for the intrusion into your time.  I know you must be very busy responding to customer inquiries.  But I'm appreciative of your attention, and I'm very happy the update corrected the problem.  I LOVE the product...works great...everything I had been looking for...which is why I became so disappointed/frustrated when it had stopped working.

Thanks again!

jim wood

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