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Monitoring Doesn't Work


Despite turning the monitoring ON while a livestream from Cam4 is available, the monitoring status stays at "No stream detected".


cam4 auto detects and downloads fine here:


Ensure that AUTO is on before going to the models page to view it, or if your already viewing refresh the page once AUTO is on.

Ensure your monitoring the correct network interface: Settings > Internet Downloads > Network interface WinPcap will monitor

Your logs are not in debug mode.  Please see https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

I was writing about the monitoring option


I've added new logs.

(928 KB)

Sorry misunderstood.  

Monitoring only works for sites with live streams that can captured using the Extraction capture method where the url can be entered in the "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download" and the video captured.


Due to the way cam4 streams it is not possible to capture using this method.  

Cam4 can only be captured using internet monitoring by switching AUTO on.

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