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Vimeo OnDemand Problem

 I can't download from Vimeo ondemand. It's a video I purchased. Auto didn't work. Download only downloaded the trailer. When I used DVR I was able to log into my account but now video appears at all, tried several times with same issue...no video player even appears. Is Vimeo ondemand no longer recordable?

Works ok here.  

1. Switch AUTO on in JMR

2. Log into your account in vimeo

3. Goto the vimeo page hosting the video you own, or refresh the page if already on it

4. JMR will pick up there are different qualities/formats to allow you to choose which one you want to download (if you have the preferred

Note that public vimeo videos can be downloaded using the extraction method, by entering the hosting page url into the "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download". Only videos that require a login to watch require AUTO to be used.


If your still having issues provide your debug logs following this:


Hi and thank you for reply. I guess I didn't explain as well as I could have. I did do what you suggested at the beginning, but when I get the different qualities/formats it is only showing options for the trailer of the film and not the entire film. This is a film that had to be purchased to view and I did in fact purchase it. So the issue I have remains, the dvr option will load the video page but doesn't show a video box so that I can click on it and then record.


Update: I was using Firefox and in FF it doesn't work for me but when I switched to Chrome it worked.


Thanks for the update and I am glad you got the AUTO capture mode working.

For the DVR to record vimeo you would need to change Settings > DVR > Browser Emulation to IE11.

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