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Cannot record livestream at all

Told I posted in thw wrong folurm, so here we go again:


can't record from livestream.com at all.  Is it akamai? Do I have to do a rtmp tweak thing?

livestream started using websockets afew months ago from their flash player and we havnt been able to get that working as of yet.

So the trick is to get it to use a non flash player.  The easiest way to do this is in chrome.  

1.  In chrome go to http://www.foxla.com/

2.  In chrome press Ctrl-Shift-J (all at the same time) to go into developer mode

3.  At the top of the window select iPad, and the view will change to an ipad view


4. Switch on AUTO mode in JMR

5. In chrome now go to the live stream and JMR will pick up the streams and you will be presented with afew format/qualities to choose from, select one and it will start downloading

Once JMR is downloading you can switch of AUTO and close chromes dev mode and your screen will go back to normal size.

Jaksta downloading from livestream.com

Here is a tutorial on how to download youtube if that is an issue for you still - https://www.jaksta.com/how-to/windows/how-to-download-youtube-videos

Your logs are not in debug mode.  If you have further issues please post a description of the issue, the url of the page having the issue and logs in debug mode following these instructions https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063


 Two problems: 1. With the flash player, you can(used to) go back in the stream & record from earlier in the broadcast.  Can't do that with your hack. 2. video in chrome in iPad mode will not play . it will play & download the commercials, but not the streaming video.  error loading video.

I'll wait till you fix it & come back.  Thanks

ps I believe it's ctrl shift j, then ctrl shift M for device mode. It was on my chrome, anyway.

You can see from my screen shots that it works here fine. 

Go to dev mode before you go to the live stream page, or if your already on the livesteam page, once in dev mode do a hard refresh of the page (hold shift key down and click the refresh button).  Make sure JMR AUTO is on before this.

Once JMR detects the stream and it is downloading you can close dev mode and watch the stream.

Ctrl-Shift-J makes chrome go into dev mode. Not sure what Ctrl-Shift-M does - nothin from what I can tell.  This is chrome Version 54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit).

There is nothing for us to fix at this stage - if its not working for you then provide debug logs like I have indicated.

You can also use a User Agent Switcher plugin if you want, to save switching into debug mode.  Search google for "User Agent Switcher plugin" there is quite a few of them.

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