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Not a valid FLV file

Hey, I used to be able to capture the video stream but its been a few months since I tried.  Now, the capture starts but gives me an error "Not a valid FLV file" and stops at 13 bytes.  Any hints on how to fix this?  Right clicking says its using JW Player 5.9.2156 and Adobe Flash Player so it should be a good FLV file.

WinPcap 4.1.3 9/25/16

New log attached.  Thanks.


Can you try this one please?


You can switch off "Include network trace in debug logs switched on" for these tests, but ensure debug is on so you can collect logs.

Try first without "Always record RTMP Streams (instead of downloading)" on and see if JMR detects its a secure stream and starts recording (instead of trying to download).

If that doesnt work, attach logs here, then turn "Always record RTMP Streams (instead of downloading)" back on and try again. 

If recording terminates prematurely, attach logs here.


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