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Video download not working

Well, I got it working on one or other odd sites, but not any longer on xhamster, etc.

Installing the latest version did not help fixing the problem.

Is Jaksta still maintained?

Are you able to fix it?

Have you been paid NOT to fix it by pr0n site admins?

Just let us know and we will find alternatives and abandon jaksta.


Sorry for the delay.

Can you specific some of the sites which Jaksta is not currently working for? Do you just see no response, or are there error messages in Jaksta?

Can you start up Jaksta, try visiting a few of them and then (assuming it does not work) send the log file to us? You can find it by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button.



Jaksta Support

can you provide email address I can send you the link and log?

I have problem, that Jaksta only download audio and not video.


Hi Peter,

Sorry for the long delay!

You can contact us on support@jaksta.com



Jaksta Support

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