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RMC 6 connection settings/parameters


I'd really like to know where RMC6 stores the connection settings for the streams it captures. I don't mean the basic information that's displayed when you right click on a capture, but rather the full connection string that would have been used at the time of capture.

Sometimes I want to restart a capture and it says stream details have expired and I want to change/update the underlying connection string so that I can just restart the capture again.

Anyone have any ideas where this information is stored?

Many Thanks,


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For RTMP protocol connections there is a bunch of "packets" that are detected whilst monitoring, stored in memory and then played back to the server at the appropriate time when the download is started.  These have a shelf life and therefore expire after a while.  They are also not stored to disk and are therefore lost when the app is shutdown.

For other protocols, most use session based urls that also have a shelf life and are even tied to an ip address in a lot of cases.  

So if the stream connection details have expired, the only way is to refresh the stream in your browser whilst monitoring.  

For live webcams the Monitor functions of Jaksta may help automate this process for you. 

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