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Hello Jaksta

I purchased Jaksta Video Capture for Mac a while ago.  I do not use the program very often but I notice it has not been updated for a long time and there seems to be a slightly different product, Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac.  Do I need to re-purchase the product?

Incidentally, the registration for my version of Jaksta is Code = *removed*

Kind regards, Peter.

(Edited by Ben 21/12/2016: Removed activation key)

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Hi Peter,

Just to let you know, it's best not to post your activation key on the public forum, because then anyone can see it and use it to activate Jaksta, using up your activations. I've just edited your post to remove the key. For activation requests it's best to contact us directly on support@jaksta.com

Jaksta Video Capture and Jaksta Media Recorder are actually separate products. Jaksta Video Capture records video directly from the screen, recording anything that is shown on the screen during the recording.

Jaksta Media Recorder detects video data going to the browser and downloads its own copy direct from the original website. You do not need to leave the video visible playing in the browser from Jaksta Media Recorder to get it.

The key you posted is actually for Jaksta Media Recorder - you can download it here:




Jaksta Support

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