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Upgrading from JMR to ... Upgrade doesn't load


Upgrading from JMR to ...  Upgrade doesn't load  

A couple of upgrades ago.. JMR upgrades stopped loading completely...and, afterward, JMR stopped working properly.

Example: The Auto feature doesn't work.. it used to work beautifully!  :)

I emailed you and you said my PC must be corrupt.
I had it serviced...and it is not corrupt.

The recommended install (Upgrade rather than uninstall/reinstall) is not working for me.

Please help.

Attached is detail of what I get .. after the loud ERROR beep and message...

Thank you.


Your last response was on Wed 14th Sept in which you stated you had found the problem with your machine.

Your log file shows that the file extraction from the installer is failing to write files.

Im sorry but this is not our issue, but an issue with your machine.  Either you have some software on there that is stopping the install, your hard drive is broken or there is something else wrong with your machine.

You may see something in your event log.

@Danny's response via email.

This is a new issue..  but, again, without your assistance or even a hint of a solution...I found the "fix". 
I completely uninstalled your software. Then logged in to your site. Then downloaded your software. 
Then accessed my account (thank you)  to retrieve the access code/key .. whatever you call it.. and inserted it.. 

Now? JMR works just fine .. 

Danny's next response via email:


Thank you for responding. I love Jaksta... it's awesome! 

I never had a problem with my machine.
There is no software stopping the install.. my hard drive is fine.

Yesterday.. I opened Jaksta and there was another Upgrade Notice..
I clicked your suggestion.. (upgrade don't uninstall) again same problem..

I attached the error message.. maybe you can see what's happening...

So I completely uninstalled Jaksta...as last time.. and inserted the key.. all is well.
Which is okay... your new reinstall works fine...
But your updates don't load for me..