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tagger stuck on one artist

the tagger stuck on one artist

I had previously had recorded  Tom verlain and then went on to record the James Gang

I tried doing a copy of James Gang to all the tracks but when ran the tagger again ALL the tracks (defaulted ??? back to Tom Verlain

Using mp3 format

this sequence is repeatable


Just so I understand, you did the following?

1. Selected two (or more) tracks of James Gang and opened the properties window and went to the Tag Editor

2. Set the Artist (et al) to James Gang and clicked Copy to copy count, year, artist, album and genre to all selected tracks


3. You then closed the Properties window and selected a track you had just tagged and reopened the properties window and went to the Tag Editor tab and it was tagged as something else - Tom verlain?

If I have understood you correctly then I cant repeat that here.  Files are tagged correctly as expected.

Please provide exact steps and also your debug logs as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009060 whilst you are performing the steps so we can see whats happening.

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WELL I DON;T KNOW IF IT WAS ME OR THE GOOD FAIRY THAT FIXED THE PROBLEM BUT I WILL TRY TO ACCESS MY feeble memory as to what I did to try fixing the problem.

first I did the steps that were described in the response except rather than using the properties I 

       used the tag editor GUI

the fields would have toms name in the fields which didn't surprise  me at first as I had just finished recording  him

but when I put the gangs name in the record start box I kind of expected that they would be on the resultant recorded tracks  (title field & maybe the artist field ) it got my attention.

I used the copy function of the tag editor after selecting all of the new tracks and making sure that the initial fields within the tagger did not have toms name in them

I then would bring up the tagger either by right clicking or pressing F2

the only thing I can remember doing for sure was taking all of Tom's files out of the "work" directory (I believe you call it the output directory and stored them in a new directory that was not downstream of the jaksta directory structure

sorry I couldn't be of further help


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