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the very end of tracks are cut off

when playing back recorded material the very end of tracks are cut off abruptly.

very annoying.

thought might  try raising the gain but I believe if I do it might cause distortion due to increased signal strength as a result of the gain

I am by no mean a stereo technician

just trying to figure out a way to resolve   an annoying  problem.

I consider this a bug in the program]

on the lighter side does anyone know

1> how the word "bug" came to indicate a problem with a  computer ??????????????

2> you may have heard of a 'TWAIN' driver for scanners but do you know what the  each of the  letters stands for ?????????????????????///

an acronym I believe they call it.

I look forward to your responses to this post

if nobody  knows I'll tell.

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Hi William,

Sorry for the slow response times over the Christmas break.

Are you able to say which site you are recording from where the tracks cut off abruptly? Does it sound noticeably different from listening to the track in the browser? Is there a loud pop at the end or something like that?


P.S. I have heard about an early computer breaking down because of an insect (moth? cockroach?) that crawled inside it and died. But I don't know what TWAIN stands for without cheating with Google/Wikipedia.

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