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Demo- Question about radio streams not working

I installed the trial software on windows 10 today but radio streams not working give a message file has been moved or deleted. Is there a fix for this ? Anyway to add your own radio stations by url here ?

You can add shows/stations from the guide or create your own by clicking the schedule button.


Please provide debug logs and ad description of which show is erroring and what the url is etc if your having issues.

Please read https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009062  for details on how to get debug logs.


Another question...I have a pcr 1500 all band radio with am fm radio bands that works on my pc. Is it possible to connect the radio hardware with jaksta ?  Also I am reviewing the price plans from my phone here..I'm not sure if I'm not seeing everything correctly as it mentions for example in the windows bundle offer at $49.99 a better price available now but I didn't see a better price when I clicked on orded. This is listed in a few other offers.


Ok they can be fixed and added by posting at the forum ?

You can record from any audio input device. If your pcr 1500 is an audio input device on your computer then yes you can.  Just change the capture method to Audio Record (Device) and select the device from the dropdown.

The Windows bundle is currently $49.95, normally $79.95.  Im not aware of any of our products being 49.99, so Im not sure where you are getting that from?

As for the streams that arnt working for you, you need to tell us which ones they are and provide debug logs as requested.

Please send me a coupon to use on the Windows Bundle...i am ready to order.

Also wanted to know when is version 7 expected to be released ?  if i purchase the Windows bundle 6 now does this give me a free upgrade to version 7 ?

We do not charge for upgrades.  To speak to sales please lodge a request here:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new

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