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Cannot DVR from Gaia.com

When I try to DVR video from Gaia.com I can navigate through the webpage with the browser only to the point where it asks me to login.  I can enter my user name and password but the login button is greyed out and will not let me click on it.  Do you know why I cannot login to Gaia.com through the DVR browser?  Any suggestions how to work around this?  I'm in trial mode and the primary reason I would be wanting to purchase Jaksta is to DVR shows on Gaia.com.  Please advise.  Thank you!


More than likely you need to switch Settings > DVR > Browser Emulation to IE11. 

If that doesnt work then close the DVR browser and open IE.  Try and login via IE.  If you can login via IE, close IE and then open the DVR browser again and see if you are still logged in.

Thanks CRS.  It still didn't work in the emulator but I followed your advice and logged in using IE11.  Now when I select a show to record it just tells me that it is queued and doesn't do anything.  The browser icon is greyed out so I can't try to see what it is doing via the emulator...  This is frustrating...  Any ideas?  Thank you.

Could you email your credentials to support AT jaksta.com so I can have a look?

Email sent.  Thank you.

Thanks for credentials.

DVR recording works fine here.


As you are still on Windows 7, please ensure you have IE 11 installed and then set Settings > DVR > Browser Emulation to IE 11.

If your still having issues, please provide your debug logs following these instructions https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

I am still on Windows 7, yes.  I am running IE11 and I did verify that the emulator settings are at IE11 as well.  I might try uninstalling and reinstalling as well...  Thanks, I will get back with you.

Please provide debug logs as requested. They tell us exactly what is going on.

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