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Jaksta crashes when stopping recording

Running, JMR crashes about 90% of the time when I switch off recording. Maybe even more than 90%. 

Steps to reproduce: Turn on capture. Start a capture. Turn OFF capturing. JMR will will crash.

Windows 10, 16 GB memory, recording to C: drive, 200+ gb free.

Not sure what other information I can provide....

ANyone else seeing this?

I gather you mean switch the auto button off?    If your using the winpcap monitor my guess it will be that crashing due to some conflict on your machine.  

Try uninstall winpcap, reboot and then reinstall.  Installer can be launched from Settings > Internet Downloads; install link below the Winpcap radio button.    You could also try this version http://www.win10pcap.org/.


If your still having issues please provide debug log file as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063 and also an msinfo32 dump.  In ask me anything type "system information" and then File > Save to save the file. 

Hi, - sorry that triggered my memory. Yes, it crashes when I switch auto off. I was using winpcap. It was crashing 100% of the time. I switched to network monitor, and it seemed to drop to like 90%. Odd, one thing I noticed, I went back to settings, and it was on network monitor. Below it, it said "Install". I thought - that's odd, It WORKS, what do I need to install? I hit install, it said it's already installed, so I cancelled. and now the "Network Interface winpcap will monitor" shows. It wasn't there before. I tried a few times, it hasn't crashed yet. But come to think of it,the "History" window is empty. I think - I could be wrong - it only crashes after I have a number of entries in there. I'll do some more testing and see if that is the case, and if so, provide the debug log.

Is winpcap reccomended over network monitor?


Winpcap is a lot lighter than the network monitor.  Its also open source of sorts and used in a bunch of other applications.  

The network monitor is mainly for use with VPN's.  Due to the place in the network stack that it hooks in it is able to get unencrypted data out of most VPN connections where winpcap would only be reporting encrypted data.  

The "install" links in the settings will always be there.  Only the radio buttons are grayed out if not installed.


It just crashed again. Attached are the logs and msinfo.



Your msinfo shows 15 other apps crashes on the same day, including explorer.exe, embassyserver, boxcryptor and corel paint.  Because of that id say something is not right with your machine.  Make sure you have all the latest windows updates for your machine installed and ensure any failed windows updates are installed. I also see that you have CC Cleaner installed.  There is a better than fair chance that may have removed something it shouldnt that is now causing the instability you are seeing on your machine.

Windows is up to date, I check for updates at least once a week. I'm very careful when I run ccleaner and have backups of anything changed in it. I don't recall Corel crashing, but it could have - the crashes relating to paint shop pro and explorer is related to boxcryptor - working with them on a bug that causes explorer to crash when accessing a set of encrypted folders - attempting to access the folder causes explorer and the app to crash. But the Jaksta crash is saving to the primary (C: ) drive. .. And something doesn't look right. I see a lot of events on different days at 2:41 AM / 2:51 AM, etc. I'm not awake then. And the computer isn't even on then (I turn the computer off at night).

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