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Lynda.com - strange behavior

Hello, I am a premium member of Lynda.com and I am trying to record the videos with both Jaksta 5 and 6. I am able to successfully record a few videos then for some reason I cannot proceed to the next video.. I close Jaksta and refresh my browser (I have tried both IE and Firefox - on win 10 64bit) and when I do, I am signed out of the site. I can spend forever logging back in but it never allows me.. it just shows as if I have not signed in still. This behavior continues until I close my browser. when I reopen my browser, I can  then sign back in and the videos will play again. I open up Jaksta and the whole ordeal starts again. Now, if I NEVER open Jaksta... I never experience this behavior. It is only when I run Jaksta than I start to experience this behavior.

Please help.

Its quite annoying.

I am getting by for the moment without Jaksta and just right clicking and save video as... but that is slow and tedious..

Sounds pretty strange.  Could you please email support AT jaksta.com with your login details for lynda.com so I can test for you here.

Ta for the credentials.


Looks like lynda.com logs you out if your downloading too many videos. 


Try using only 1 connection instead of the default 5. 


Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HTTP > Max number of segments > change to 1.  

and wait until the download is finished until moving onto the next one.

Once I did that I could downloaded 14 without being logged out.


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