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Realtek Disappeared

After downloading audio, my built in computer speakers stopped working and Realtek audio manager disappeared. I checked my playback devices, and a Digital Video Recorder from Jaksta was set as the default. Realtek was also removed from the Device Manager. This is a new computer and I recently installed the Jaksta Media Recorder. I never experienced a problem like this on my old computer when using JMR. Please advise.

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The "Digital Video Recorder" is part of JMR's DVR capture driver.  We dont remove anything on installation.  Infact if your audio subsystem was removed parts of our product wouldnt work when audio recording, including the DVR audio driver. 

Could you provide a msinfo dump?

In Ask Me Anything start typing "System Information", and select it from the best match context menu that appears. Then File > Save to save the nfo file to a folder of your choice.  Attach that file to this post.

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