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AUTO problem

When I try to use the "AUTO" option... I got no stream information... and the video does not show anything... 


When I turn off the "Auto" option.... The video Works normally!! 

When I use the Jaksta Recorder for MAC... with the same Website, the "AUTO" optin works perfectly!! 

What should be?

Please provide your debug logs as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063 so we can have a look.

Here is my log:


Your logs show an embedded youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PL5DDC53906C6CED92&loop=1&controls=0&showinfo=0&iv_load_policy=3&wmode=transparent) on https://www.cursoenfase.com.br  been detected and formats/qualities extracted and prompted to you for selection.  It is a playlist so multiple videos and formats/qualities are being extracted.  You did not selected any of the videos in the playlist or formats/qualities offered to download.

Can you please switch debug on and then perform the steps to show the error you originally had where the video does not load.

But it is not this video(the link above) that I'm trying to see and I'm trying to detect and download. 

That's what the logs you provided say. 

Please follow these steps exactly:

1. Tell me the full url to the video you are trying to capture, by entering into the reply of this conversation

2. Close your browser and Start JMR

3. Get Support > Switch On "If requested by support please switch Debug Mode on"

4. Switch AUTO on

5. Open your browser and navigate to the url in 1 and try and play the video

6. Get Support, click the paper airplane to create the logs on your desktop in a zip file.

7. Attach that zip file to this conversation.

Well, I saw the video you mencioned before login into the website. Unfortunaly the login page has a lot of uninteresting videos. The video that I'm trying to see it's only acessible clicking in a "javascript link" that can be found, after login, in the url (https://www.cursoenfase.com.br/extranet/extranet/extranet.do?method=agendaDetalhe&id=379823#19/01/2017). The javacript link has "javascript:abrirTelaMidia('2bd1a5112ccc02cf71074d3a59b0fd0b', 'b5a4b23bc62d3303df5cc02c97ce84a1', 'c267d5a32534edc37f5b52e3db49bde7', 'c267d5a32534edc37f5b52e3db49bde7', 'T', 'V');"

I put 2 log files, the "Jaksta Media Recorder 6Logs-636204665526098419.zip" I followed your instrutions, the "Jaksta Media Recorder 6Logs-636204667017366231.zip", I do not closed the browser to not lost the login connection, but I put in a new Tab the directed video list Url, and opened the window acessible by javascript link..trying to see the video without the trashed video dates of the login page. (sorry for my bad english) I hope U can undertand me. 


Any Support?

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