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Block certain sites while monitoring?

In particular, I need to prevent any downloads whatsoever from YouTube and Facebook, while I continue to monitor the streams I am interested in.

I have to auto-refresh browsers to allow for dropouts of streams to be re-picked up, plus I check notifications from YT and FB and watch videos on those sites - but I NEVER want them downloaded.

I added YT.com and FB.com to the block-ads setting but it hasn't helped.

Youtube streams from googlevideo.com and Facebook from fbcdn.net.  You would need to add both of them to the adblocker.

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Sorry I'm so late responding, have been laid low with a superbug!  

Those URLs are so helpful, thank you, what a difference!  I wonder if you have one for Twitter also?

(Hope I don't keep bothering you with new ones, but I think those 3 are the main culprits.)


You can see the source url of any stream you have captured by selecting it and then Menu > Properties or press Alt+Enter to display the Properties window. 

The adblocker just requires the domain part of the url.


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Thank you !!!


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