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Please can you support this big German Website?


Please would you like to support this website to download videos from?

One or two years ago it had worked. This is why I bought Jaksta.


in Jaksta is this website written when I copy the link


Kind Regards,


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Hi Christian,

Can you please send us a link to the video that is not working for you?

We tested one video that was an embedded YouTube video, which worked fine, but some other videos did not play at all (possibly because it is a German site). 

If we knew specifically which video you were trying to download we could analyse it a bit better.

If you could also send us a log file, that may help as well. You can find the Jaksta log file by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button.



Jaksta Support

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Hi Liam,

thank you for your support.

This is the link to the video


and I attached the log file.

This line are the last file I tried to download from the website

2017-02-05 07:30:29.762 Jaksta[70941:2829951] ENDDOWNLOAD::v (3).flv -> v (3)

Kind regards


(6.05 MB)

Hi Christian,

Unfortunately I cannot view the video as it says that it is 'unavailable at this time'. This may be due to a country/location issue.

However, what I can see from the log file you provided is that there is a VPN active at the time you tried the download and Jaksta has detected it. 

Try it again with the VPN turned off if you are able, as this can sometimes interfere with the download.

Let us know if the problem continues.



Jaksta Support

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