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Problem with Jaksta

Just downloaded (and bought) the latest version of Jaksta Music Miner and it's doing the same thing the 1.0.9 version I've had for a while was doing.

Since it has been so long since I updated Music Miner I figured I would just buy a new copy and it would solve my problem.

The problem is the track title, artist, and album name are not showing up. Everything else seems to be working correctly.

What do I need to do?


Jerry Copeland


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Hi Jerry,

Music Miner uses a special service to look up the track title/artist/album. For some sites or sometimes just certain particular tracks, it is unable to find anything. 

The next best option should be to just use the name that was included in the stream, if there is any. This works for YouTube, but often music streaming sites don't have any track name etc. embedded in the stream. As a last resort it probably just leaves the name blank but it would be better to put something in there like a date of download.

We do our best to find track info but sometimes we just can't get it - if it isn' provided by the service or the stream itself then unfortunately there is not much else we can do.

Have you had this problem for a variety of videos, or a particular site? Can you provide some links so that we can test it?



Jaksta Support

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