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curious record proof music

=was very frustrated until realized what was going on

dancing bars were there giving false impression that all was ok

after many attempts noticed that the data counter on the far right was inactive  indicating that no signal / non-signal was reaching the recorder but then what about the active dancing bars ????????????????

-could you clear up the confusion over the signal / non-signal issue (technically speaking)

Please provide debug logs and perhaps marked up screenshots on what your issue is as its unclear to me.  

If the audio visualisation (dancing bars) is active and moving then data is being received from the application it is recording from.

JM does record audio signals,  it records audio data directly out of the application it is recording from before that data is sent to the audio subsystem of the computer.

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I don't have the song track anymore that I was trying to record but I just found it interesting that the recorder could have actively dancing bars but no activity on the file size indicator (usually can see it increasing indicating data input.) and the file did not record. debug is currently turned off---- should I leave it turned on??? ---- that is the only way isolated and unexpected incidents are going to be caught in debug.

_ight result in a large debug file.


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