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Can you support this?

Hi, I have check you trial version to test it into this site where I've buy some video that I want to see offline too.

I see that Jaksta download little files and delete theese immediatly.

I'd like to be sure I'll able to download before purchase your full version, thankyou.

Can U check this? 

Felice Goduto.

Hi Felice,

I am unable to test that site as it requires login information.

Before doing anything else, you could try the following options:

- Try the site in various browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc. 

- Try the site with "Always Record HTTP" and "Always Record RTMP" enabled in the Streaming tab in the Preferences.  This records the exact same data that the browser receives, instead of asking the website for its own copy. Some sites can only be captured like this. You need to leave the video running while capturing with these options enabled, so it's best to turn them off afterwards.

If you have the same problem, could you please send me your login info for that site so that I can test it? 

Make sure to send it to our email support rather than posting here to the forums (which are NOT private). 

Normally our email support is only for billing and activation issues, but I will keep an eye out for your response and address it there.



Jaksta Support

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