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New Quality Setting on cam4


there is a new Quality Setting available on some Cams. You can choos the Quality (360P, 600P ...) and that add´s a new Parameter to the rtmp url


But then i change the Quality setting on the Flash Player JMR is not changing to the new Stream and records only the 360p Stream.
Is there e way to choos it also in JMR?

JMR in auto mode, in the case of cam4, just detects what your browser request, grabs that and captures it (its a bit more complicated than that is the gist of it).  

When changing quality at cam4 a new request with a different url is made by your browser for the new quality.  This results in a second stream being detected and captured.

See in this image the original default 360p capture, followed by the 600p capture that was detected when I switched from auto to 600p in the cam4 player.


Hmm okay... But that doesn't work by me...

If i change from Auto to 600P the Flash Player changes the Quality (I see it the Picture gets better) but JMR detects no new stream

JMR is in Auto mode.

PS: In your ScreenShot the Auto Mode is off ;P

Here is a Screen Record here you can see that it won't work

(2.07 MB)

Sure I switched Auto off after it was detected that is all.  Works fine here as demonstrated so provide your debug logs so I can see why its not working on your machine.

Here are 2 Logs. In the second Log the Camera changes also the Aspect Ratio (4:3 to 16:9) but JMR detects also no new stream.

One Question when you change the Quality refreshes your Flash Player the Stream?

I mean the Picture goes away and comes back?


Here is another screen rec where you can see that the cam is in 16:9 but JMR record 4:3 Stream

(1.77 MB)

Is there anything new?

One Question. If i had the stream Adress E.g. (rtmp://srcm071.cam4.com/cam4-edge-live<break>beyond94-243-efee9f49-a91d-4d24-a0c9-cac688d49aef_360p?playToken=null).

Is there a Way to change the link and start the download manually in rtmp? E.g.


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