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Unable to download


I am unable to download this file or, by the way,any other video from the relative website. This has been happening over the past 2 weeks: before, I had no issues at all. Could you please advise?

This is a link to one of the videos I am trying to download:


Can you please advise?

Thank you

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Hi Filippo,

Here are a couple of options you can try: 

- Try the site in various browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome

- Try the site with "Always Record HTTP" and "Always Record RTMP" enabled in the Streaming tab in the Preferences.  This records the exact same data that the browser receives, instead of asking the website for its own copy. Some sites can only be captured like this. You need to leave the video running while capturing with these options enabled, so it's best to turn them off afterwards.

- Try updating to the latest version if you haven't already

- If you are using a VPN, turn it OFF

If the problem continues, could you please send us a log file the next time it occurs? You can find the Jaksta log file by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button.




Jaksta Support

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