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Can't log in to Tennis TV on DVR

Hello, is it possible to record Tennis TV through Jaksta?  It won't let me log in to Tennis TV when I try to record it through DVR.  The email address and password keep disappearing.  I tried logging in to Tennis TV on Internet Edge and then changing the setting to 'emulate IE' but it still doesn't work.  It still requires me to log in on the DVR section before opening up a live streaming match.

Is there a way I can get it to work or is it just not possible with Tennis TV?



Try login using internet explorer (IE) first.  Then close internet explorer and open the DVR browser and you should still be logged in.


I did try that but will try it again.  Will there be any difference between using IE11 or Edge?

Hi, I've tried with both IE11 and Edge and it doesn't stay logged in with either of the when I go into the DVR browser.  Any other ideas?


The DVR browser is IE.  Ensure you have ticked the remember me on this device checkbox below the login checkbox.  Ensure once you are logged in in IE that you close IE, before opening the DVR browser.

If that doesn't work does Tennis TV remain logged in if you login with IE and then close IE and restart it again?

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