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Left Column Missing in Jaksta wind

I have the latest MAC OS 10.12..3 and Jaksta 1.5.1.(205) and all was working fine.  While on A MacBook Pro my fingers somehow slide across the touchpad and now I cannot slide the view to see the far left column that has the "play-iTunes-delete" tiny icons.  If I hold the mouse over an entry in the "Name" column, those tiny icons appear over the "Name" but clicking on them does nothing.  But if I right click with the mouse on an item in the "Name" column, the options that appear to play, convert or delete all work fine.

How can I again display the furthest left column within the Jaksta column that I've always had before? I've looked and looked in all the Menu items within the application to no avail.  I am not having any problems with displays on any other function or application on my computer.

Title should be "Left Column Missing in Jaksta window"

Found the solution and discovered there is a software anomaly in Jaksta.  Somehow I inadvertently moved the far leftmost column with those small "play-iTunes-delete" icons to the right of the "Name" column - but moving that column made it inoperable and had no indication what it was.  It was a new untitled column to the right of the “Name” column with nothing ever showing in it. I dragged the empty column back to it's original location and voila - all is well.  There is a software problem in that all other columns can be moved left or right and their data moves with them.  But this one column if moved from its far left position will only display its info superimposed over what ever column in now to the far left AND those superimposed icons DO NOT WORK.  BOTTOM LINE - the column should have a Title and should be movable like the other columns in the Jaksta window.  

Hi John,

Thanks for pointing that out.

I have let our development team know about it.



Jaksta Support

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