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connection errors

Mac user. I recent start receiving connection errors with Jaksta ver 1.5.1.

1. If jaksta is enable when i startup web browsers  (chrome, safari, firefox), I get your connection is not Private? 

 The sites I'm trying are CNN, Youtube ie.

2. I have update jaksta to ver 1.5.2, getting the same results?

3. None of these errors are present when  jaksta is dis-enable?



Hi James,

Firstly, could you please downgrade back to Ver 1.5.1. That will help simplify identifying the problem as 1.5.2 operates a bit differently.

Next, can you turn off a VPN if you are running one. The log file says that it has detected a VPN, which can sometimes interfere with web traffic and cause problems. If you are not using one, let us know as we are coming across several instances lately of the log file getting a false positive for VPN detection, and we are currently looking into it.

This is a monitoring issue, where Jaksta starts up OK but then interferes with the connection.

Try reinstalling with the older version (that can be found on the downloads page of the mains site), and then send us a new log file if the problem persists. Remember to turn off a VPN if you are using one.



Jaksta Support

I'm having the same issue as james. I do not have a VPN enabled. I am running Jaksta on a win7 system.

Is there a work around or solution for this problem?

Hi Don,

Your issue is related to the Windows version of Jaksta, which is very different to the Mac version (you have posted in the Mac forum)

You would be best to re-post this issue either as a new thread or to an existing one on the Windows forum: https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical

I would just transfer it for you but our support platform isn't capable of that unfortunately.



Jaksta Support

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