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Jaksta can't capture video

Help! :) Latest version on macOS Sierra: http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1063319

Just to be clear, that link plays an ad then a video and neither get captured.

Hi Michael,

Can you please send us a log file the next time this problem occurs for you? A screenshot would also help if you are able to get one to us.

You can find the Jaksta log file by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button. 

I have tested it myself and gotten a download error, so it may just be the streaming method used by the site.



Jaksta Support

Hi Liam,

Sure, here are screenshots of the error and the log file. Are you going to be able to support the streaming method (or can you fix it to support it)? I really want to get this video. Thanks!

(426 KB)

HI Michael,

Are you running a VPN at all? The log file has detected the presence of a VPN, which can sometimes interfere with web traffic and cause errors, and so turning it off can sometimes fix the problem.

Let us know if you are not, as we have gotten a number of reports recently of people having proxy/connection issues when they are not using a VPN, but we are still getting VPN detection in the log file. ie. false negatives.

Is Jaksta still working for other downloads, such as YouTube and Vimeo?



Jaksta Support 

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