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UrlCache folder (cached URLs by Jaksta)

Hi there,

I just found a folder called UrlCache in 'X:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Jaksta Media Recorder 6' with 33000+ entries and a wooping size of 1.12GB (yea, I guess that means I'm a power user).

How about adding a clear cache/urls option to Jaksta, just like the old versions had? At least I don't see such option in Jaksta 6.

Good point :)  Will add it to the list.  

Adding it to your do list, what was the action? Is there a cache folder on the my Mac? Where is it located and what is its name? Is there a "clean cache" available? It might help to speed up the downloads. Can I clear the cache folder myself?


JMR7 self cleans its cache.  Please ask on the mac forums for help with our Mac versions:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/mac/technical

Good to know, so I don't have to worry. Need no other help. Thanks for your reply.


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