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Repair Jaksta 5 or tell me how to get Jaksta 6 to work???

Jaksta 5 was brilliant - did everything I wanted it to - but yesterday it crashed & when I try to start it now, the process starts up (& shows in task mngr) but the application doesn't. So I can't see it or use it even though I know theres a process running.

So I uninstalled it, went back to v4 & on startup it offered the upgrade to v5 - great.

Only the download gave me v6 not v5 and v6 DOESN'T WORK.

I can open jaksta 6 - fine. I can open a webpage - fine. But when I turn on Monitor in Jaksta, EVERY webpage I try gives me an error "Secure Connection Failed" - even google homepage where theres no stream or media.

Tried uninstalling / reinstalling but same.

Found a thread here that said go to this link while Monitor is On - http://localhost/jaksta.cer but all I get is Secure Connection Failed...

I'll say it again - all webpages work ok with jaksta 6 open, but as soon as I turn Monitor On, EVERY webpage shows Secure Connection Failed - ????????

Jaksta 6 is obviously useless, not fit for purpose and just DOESN'T WORK - it might be more helpful if you called it an internet blocker rather than a stream recorder,

so please can you you tell me how to repair jaksta 5 so that the application works and doesn't just show as a background process?

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I understand your frustrated but there is no need to be silly about things.

http://localhost/jaksta.cer  is a Mac thing, not for Windows.

This error can be caused by several issues with your machine.

1. You have a proxy setting that hasnt been cleared (possibly by your Jaksta5 crash)

2. You have expired certificates on your machine

3. You have a corrupt .NET crypto install that means its not possible for the proxy to work correctly.

Please provide debug logs when you go to a https page per the following and we can see what is wrong and help you fix it.


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