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Jaksta has stopt downloading from the Dutch sites that I mainly used it for since I purchased Jaksta.

Although the site and programs related to this site are still free to watch on line without proxy, the content is refused for downloading as soon as I switch on the proxy settings. This has happened since about last Tuesday march 7. I have the latest software, even downloaded new in case of a corruption somewhere, but the issue continues. As this is the site (Dutch public broadcasting) I mainly use Jaksta for, it is essential to me to be able to download the programs, so we can watch them on our TV, instead of having to be limited to a laptop screen. The weird thing is some content is free to download, but certain content like this (the bigger files) are refused. I'm a kind of desperate. Example of the site: http://www.npo.nl/krabbe-zoekt-picasso/09-03-2017/AT_2070495 Maybe change of proxy settings would do it, but I don't know how.

I hoped the Jaksta technical staff would have an answer. It's not really an item for a discussion yet. But, who knows, maybe there is an Jaksta wizard that can solve the problem.


Hi Gert,

I have tested the link you provided and was able to download the video (without using a proxy), but it did have a problem when converting and resulted in a tiny, unplayable file.

That being said, I was able to watch the downloaded file (pre-conversion - it saves both) in VLC, so the download at least is successful. I then forced the conversion by using the 'Convert (Safe)' feature in Jaksta, which then gave me a playable file.

So it seems that the site (or at the very least the video you provided) still work with Jaksta, so maybe just try it without altering your proxy settings. 

An alternative backup option is to get Jaksta Screen Recorder and use that to capture the video off the display, but ideally you should not need to go that far. 



Jaksta Support

Thanks, knowing it should work made me try a few other things and I got it working again.


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