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Both Jaksta and Media Replay Catcher are failing me and crippling my browser speed to almost zero

  Windows 10.

Seems every single time I go online my speed and surfing is beautiful. The moment I click that slidebar to AUTO on either Jaksta or Media Replay Catcher , I can no longer reach any sites, of if I do it takes minutes to get there. This occurs in both Firefox AND Chrome browsers. Even after finally arriving at a webpage, it can take another minute or two for the page to start playing (Youtube) or start streaming (Chaturbate)

I had gorgeous results for months before this. I had initially purchased MRC at first, fiddled with the basic settings so little, been capturing my favorite webcam streams perfectly. Even downloading multiple streams at a time. Absolutely wonderful! But all of a sudden MRC began to cripple my browsers when I'd click that AUTO slidebar to begin capturing. It's become almost impossible to capture from Chaturbate now. A room will eventually open, but I get a warning that the page is trying to connect, generally happens within a minute or two. But I'm not guaranteed that MRC would/will start recording. Very hit and miss and sometimes nothing at all. It STILL works on MyFreeCams PERFECTLY, which makes it even more strange? I also like to capture from Chaturbate, but that site along with almost any website now crawls to open when MRC is turned to AUTO.

So in desperation I went ahead and purchased Jaksta Media Recorder last night in hopes that I'd no longer have the trouble. But Jaksta has the exact same problems. My browsers become almost unusable. The moment I turn off the AUTO setting the browsers immediately spring back to life and I'm speeding all over the net again, able to watch streams immediately, able to watch Youtube immediately.

I realize these softwares use a proxy server? Could there be any settings that I need to correct? I went in and made sure that both MRC and Jaksta had permissions to operate through my Windows Firewall and the Windows Defender, but making sure of that didn't change anything. So now I'm only able to record from MyFreeCams easily. Even Youtube takes super long to open if either software is set to AUTO. I'm crippled somehow, please help?


You have Get Support >  "Include network trace in debug logs" on.  This is logging all your network traffic to log files.  Only switch it on if we request you to.  This will be slowing your machine down incredibly.

Please provide debug log files going to youtube (if that is slow to open when AUTO is on and debug logging is off) using the following instructions:



Another example of my problem just occurred. I had the AUTO button still on and when I went to post this reply, it wouldn't complete. When I clicked off the AUTO button I immediately got a NO PROXY white screen. I had to go back out, and come back to this page and start all over,

Here is the Youtube results.

It took about one minute for Firefox to finally open the Youtube site with AUTO on, thumbnails all blank at first, then eventually showing up a few seconds later. Upon selecting a Youtube video/song, it took about a minute or less to open that page up, the spinning symbol against the black screen as Jaksta reported that it was recording. It failed (error). So I refreshed the page and Jaksta managed to capture it on the second try. The video eventually beginning to play in the Youtube player screen.

This kind of failure has been happening on the streaming sites too, pages very slow to open and I'm unable to join chat for a minute or two as the browser tries to open the room fully.

Even coming to this site and trying to navigate with AUTO on became impossible. I had to turn it off so I could surf quickly here and report the problems. So strange. Here is the report.


>> Another example of my problem just occurred. I had the AUTO button still on and when I went to post this reply, it wouldn't complete. When I clicked off the AUTO button I immediately got a NO PROXY white screen. I had to go back out, and come back to this page and start all over,

Switching off AUTO stops the proxy so if a request is in progress then it will be canceled by the browser as the proxy is no longer there.

Your logs show:

You have a large amount of data being processed coming from  It doesnt look like media but it is still being examined. 

Stop whatever is causing that to be received, or remove that port from being monitored. Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Ports.   Delete the HTTP 8000 to 9000 line.

You have some stuff in your system proxy cfg that looks like it is making things go around in circles.

1. Ensure you arnt in AUTO mode.

2. Start inetcpl.cpl and go to the Connections tab

3. Click LAN Settings

4. Click Advanced button (you may have to check "Use a proxy server ...." to enable it

5. Ensure all fields are clear and ok to save.  If prompted no to a proxy.


Also use Winpcap as it is lighter than the NDIS monitor

Settings > Internet Downloads > Winpcap Monitor and select the network interface you are using.

If your still having issues once your have done the above please provide debug logs again for youtube. 


Thanks so very much for the help, but it still seems to be quite slow? That, is indeed MyFreeCams location. I had another window still open with MFC.

There was some info in the Proxy Settings "Exceptions" box for "Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with:"

My local host plus //*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*;ws://*;wss://*

So I cleared that info.

So here is the result for Youtube again. It may have opened a few seconds quicker. (But with the AUTO switched off it goes to Youtube and shows thumbnails within a heartbeat or two.) With AUTO switched on, it took about 20 seconds to just get to the page, thumbnails started to show fairly quickly. Clicked a song and the same slow process, goes to the song page and the player screen is black with the rotating symbol. Jaksta reads "extracting" but no progress shown. About a minute later Jaksta starts to show download progress and captured it. Youtube finally begins to show the video too. Seems like everything is still slow?



You have switched debug on after you started AUTO mode so I can't see what your proxy cfg is, but I can see that its taking 21 seconds to get a response from youtube for some reason.  That is not normal obviously, unless your on dial up :(

2017-03-14 03:14:29,360 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 95: found connect for https://www.youtube.com:443

2017-03-14 03:14:50,539 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 95: Got response from server

2017-03-14 03:14:50,539 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyManager: 95: Found https request. Queue for processing: https://www.youtube.com/

2017-03-14 03:14:50,539 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 95: Writing response back to client

2017-03-14 03:14:50,539 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyManager: 95: Processing: https://www.youtube.com/

2017-03-14 03:14:52,199 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 95: Session complete

Check your antivius, firewall, vpn or any other software you have on your machine that may be affecting your network. If your game switch each off in turn and see if things suddenly pick up.  If so then that may point you at what is wrong.

Look also at the performance monitor of jsmrp.exe.  Check processor, memory and disk to see if there is unusual activity.  

Also if you could provide your debug logs, with debug switched on before going to AUTO mode that would be great. Also Im assuming you have switched to winpcap, the interface you have selected is not your active one as JMR is not processing any network data in these logs.  It is simply processing https connections through its proxy.

I tried looking at performance. I don't seem to see any unusual activity? Most usage is Firefox, followed by Windows Defender, Cortana, Service Host....

I pay a fortune for extremely fast internet service. Generally everything is lightning speed.

I tried switching off Windows Defender but the same slow results. I also tried switching off Window's Firewall and the same slow results. The only other recent thing I had done was a ccleaner run and a SuperAntiSpyware run. Could I have deleted something important? It only showed cookie results and a lot of recycle so I felt confident to delete it all. Those cleanings were before I purchased Jaksta and loaded it.

When I purchased Jaksta I told it to save my old settings since I have tons of captures I still need to remove. Could old settings for Media Replay Catcher somehow have affected the new program? I get a bit confused having both softwares with different names. I've only been using Jaksta for all these reports, never having MRC open.

I did switch to winpcap. I also attempted to re-download winpcap but the linked download failed in error. I made sure that Jaksta had permission through the Windows Firewall and through Windows Defender... unless there's some other location that I'm supposed to allow other than 'exceptions'?

The strangest thing (but a sign that there's still hope) of all is I'm able to capture from MyFreeCams.com like the old days. Perfectly, zero lag, instant capture, instant page refresh, multiple downloads at once. How can that one streaming site be so friendly to Jaksta and most everything else is super slow now? So weird?
Here is the new but still slow Youtube result



No RMC and JMR settings are separate. We make RMC for Applian, which is a white branded version of JMR.  This doesnt look like a JMR settings issue to me.

Myfreecams uses ports between 8000 and 9000 (in my testings always 8080 but your logs did show 8100.  Whatever is slowing down the connection most probably isn't monitoring those ports as they are non standard.  HTTP/HTTPS data normally goes over 80/443, and its the 443 that is the issue in this case of JMR requesting a connection to youtube.

2017-03-14 20:27:06,447 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 1: found connect for https://www.youtube.com:443

2017-03-14 20:27:06,766 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 1: Request from client: https://www.youtube.com/

2017-03-14 20:27:06,766 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 1: No content to upload. Begin to get the response

2017-03-14 20:27:27,969 [5] INFO c4 [(null)] - AsyncProxyServer: 1: Got response from server

21 seconds that time to get a response from youtube.  Again thats obviously not normal.  It's about 500ms here for youtube.

Could you try switching off Windows Defender Real-time protection and see if that does anything?

Also please provide a system information file and Ill see if that has anything in it.

Start msinfo32 and then File > Export and attach the nfo file here.

 Here is a report for Youtube with Windows Defender turned off. Doesn't seem to be any faster?

Concerning msinfo32, is it safe to share it here? I suppose it is? It sure has a lot of my info?

I truly appreciate ALL your efforts. The software had been so perfect for so many months. I'd have an occasional error or stall out, but the software sure is awesome overall, until lately


Yes it is but you can email it to me if you prefer crs AT jaksta . com

Just emailed the msinfo.


 The software works fine from my workplace. Same laptop. Why would my home IP be such a problem now? So desperate for it to work at home. Here is the result from my WORKPLACE, entirely different location, using a free internet connection... to youtube. Fast access, fast download. Perfect

There may be an issue with the network adapter your using at home. Try uninstall, winpcap, Applian and Jaksta network monitors. Reboot and then reinstall just winpcap. Also I emailed you about the large number of applications that are crashing on your machine based on your event logs. This includes windows update which is crashing. Please fix all those issues - looks like your .net subsystem is broken as crashes coming from there.
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