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Downloading several archived broadcasts at once


I can't complain about downloading live streams at all. Jaksta works perfect for me on that subject. However, when trying to download archived broadcasts things look a little different. The most prominent example would be Live.me. And I'm using this as an example because watching an archived broadcast there is horrible slow and sloppy.

While downloading 2, 10 or (in theory) 100 live streams on Live.me is no problem Jaksta refuses to download more than one archived broadcasts at once. At least it refuses to do so using the "Auto" button. While downloading an archived broadcast trying to add a second is just ignored by Jaksta. And after said download has finished you have to click on Auto twice (Auto on - Auto off - Auto on again) to add a new archived broadcast.

The weird thing is, if you are using a sniffing tool you can manually add the url of an archived broadcast using the adress bar in Jaksta. This way you can add more than one and the download works fine. Unfortunately this is nowhere as convenient as just pressing the Auto button would be.

It would be great if you could look into this issue.

live.me is not a site?  You mean liveme.com?  That looks like an app though.  Can you provide an example url?

Can you provide debug logs showing what is not working as you expect using the following instructions:


Sorry, my fault. Yes, I'm talking about the app Live.me. You can run it on your normal Windows machine using an Android emulator like Bluestacks for example.

When using Jaksta to download a live stream there everything works fine. You can add and download as many as you want at the same time.

Using a sniffing tools shows the live streams are coming from http://ter.live.ksmobile.net/yolo/14895799558497590639.flv for example.

When a live stream ends it gets put into the archive (called Replay there) of the broadcaster. There you can watch/download the broadcast again.

Using a sniffing tool on these shows these Replays are coming from http://file.live.ksmobile.net/yolo-14784627649621078610--20161107040618.m3u8 for example.

The problem now is, using "Auto" Jaksta only adds one Replay download at the same time, no matter how many you try to add. So when you are currently downloading a Replay Jaksta won't add a second one. It doesn't even try, it just ignores it.

Of course you can wait till it has finished and add another one after but that's not very cool Also, to add a new Replay download after one has finished, you have to click on "Auto" twice (but that's the lesser problem).

The only workaround is to sniff the URL and manually add the Replay download using the adress bar in Jaksta.

Could you please provide debug logs. Save me having to setup an emulator.


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