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Jaksta Version 1.5.1 (205) Mac OS X EL capitan 10.11.6


I am not able to use to use the software for one month now even after sending the log file and so on. 

Please take care of my emails and advice urgently. 

I have done the actions that you recommended but nothing change. I am going crazy. 

Thanks for your urgent actions and help, 


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 I am also having problems with using Jaksta (1.5.1) with El Capitan.

Hi Michel,

What is your download locations set to currently? Going off your original log file it appears that at the time it was set to: "/Volumes/NO NAME 1/Jaksta/toasmaster

Is this an external drive? Even if it isn't, try setting the DL location to somewhere like the desktop or one folder up from the Conversion location. 

If the problem continues, please also provide an updated log file after you have made the changes that we originally suggested. You still have not specified when it is exactly that you are getting the error message/crash and what changes you did make/test and what the result was, so providing some more details will help also. 

Plumd49, can you please specify what problem you are having and provide a log file and a screenshot if possible? It would be even better if you could start a separate thread so that we don't get replies and questions mixed up in this one.



Jaksta Support

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