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Scheduled radio programs no longer activate/record

I have had no real problems that I was not able to fix but now I am stumped. I have a few regularly scheduled radio programs that I have recorded for years with no problem. A few days ago, the Media Recorder no longer seems to work. Nothing happens when the scheduled time arrives.  There is no attempt to activate the radio program by signing on to the URL.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not correct the problem. Other functions do work like live recording and downloading podcasts. My sense (guess) is that something is interfering with the scheduler and/or whatever triggers Jaksta to open the URL.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Hi Michael,

Could you please post you issue to the Windows support forums? This is the forum for the Mac version of Jaksta.

Going off our records, it appears that you are running Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows, which is actually somewhat different to the Mac version both in how it runs and what its functions are.



Jaksta Support

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