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Screen Recorder will not stop recording

After recording a video I click on Jaksta Screen Recorder stop button and the app continues to play rather than stop. If I click quit then the video I recorded is not saved. Do you have a solution this?



Hi there,

Have you tried reinstalling or updating to the newest version?

It is a pretty simple program, so if it does have a major bug or malfunction and a fresh install should sort it.

Try that and let us know if you continue t have problems.



Jaksta Support

I've tried that, what I have noticed is that when I record for many hours I'm unable to stop the recording. What I am doing now is stopping and starting my recording after every 1-2 hours of recording. This means I loose some of the recording while doing this. 

Hi again,

What might be happening if you are recording for several hours or more is the file might be getting too big and it is just breaking because of the size. This would probably be the case especially if you are recording your entire screen. 

If you are having this problem even for short recordings, then there is a greater issue.

If you like you cans end us a log file to review and we can investigate further. You can find it in Screen Recorder by going to File > Reveal Log File. Send us the file itself rather than copying and pasting code from it. We need the whole thing.



Jaksta Support

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