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Support for bigo.tv

 Hey there,

could you guys please take a look at bigo.tv (example url: https://www.bigo.tv/pc)? I can't find a way to download or even just record (downloading prefered of course) there.

Thanks in advance.

Its using some protocol over websockets that I havnt seen before.  Will look into it some more to see if we can support capturing it via download.

You can use the DVR capture method though:


Thanks for looking into it and thanks for the DVR hint.

When I try to use DVR a little error window pops up telling me that IE runs in multi process mode and has to be set to single process mode. Neither did I know IE even has such option nor can I find it.
(31.3 KB)

Just click the Yes button.  JMR will change it for you.

I already tried that but I made another mistake that prevented it from working. Works now.
Thank you for your help.  :)


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