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Jaksta no longer downloads from Arte.tv


I have used Jaksta for a couple of years now, and I can no longer download my favourite programs off Arte.tv

A couple of months ago, the process became difficult, so I found the GreasyMonkey add on for Firefox and it worked for a while, but now, all I manage to downoad is the adverts, which are then automatically discarded.

I have also tried Video Download Helper, but the result is awful.

Any suggestion please?

Bye for now,


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Hi Stephane,

Are you running the latest version of Jaksta? If not, then try updating.

And have you tried other browsers at any point? If not, try them and see if you get the same result. 

And are you running a VPN? If you are, try turning it off as they can often interfere with web traffic and streaming downloads.

If the problem continues, can you please send us a log file. You can find it in Jaksta by going into Preferences > General > Find Log File



Jaksta Support

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